And here I am, reduced to posting once every month. A lot does happen in that time, does it not? Now that I have cleared out a couple of hours (okay, more than a couple of hours) a day, I’d rather get back to work and stick to it. So I’d start off again with a repost.


It’s written in the raindrops-

How every drop grows wiser,

The patter grows smarter,

The green grows chipper;

It’s written in the raindrops-

How a smile grows wider,

A laugh grows louder,

A face grows brighter.

It’s written in the raindrops,

The rooftops, the earth;

It’s there in every storm cloud,

Every swish of blue-green plumage:

It’s there in the sky,

Written in every raindrop-

That all it takes is to

Wash away the old-

Forgive every mistake,

Forget every strife,

Learn to dance in a thunderstorm,

And face life with a smile-

By the time it’s tomorrow,

It’ll already be brand new

And free to be made better.

-Severus Snape-

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