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The problem with success.

The problem with success is that I forget my failed beginnings. Goodness gracious, how I remember when I had received the same message for this site. Now that my other site has got it, I'm being this complete ass about how I expected more from it. Ass because I started comparing my sites, and wanted … Continue reading The problem with success.

A Lullaby


Fear not the demon under the bed,

For it’s not a demon, but a fancy old head –

Beware, li’l one, of the demon inside

That kills us all in its stead.

Beware of me, beware of you,

For I’m the devil, so are you –

The devil that feeds on our pains and fears;

Taking our joys along too.

Beware, sleepyhead, of the words we speak,

The things we do, the pleasures we seek –

For you shall soon know that they are fake

And only veneer with barely a leak.

Beware of trust, beware of care,

For noone really knows how well you fare –

And nobody really looks out for somebody else,

It’s always ‘nobody stand out, nobody dare’.

Beware, my dear of what we teach,

For half that stiff is out of our reach,

And we’re only hypocrites, lying through our teeth,

Beware of us, I…

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