The Subtle Art of Walking Away

I came out of the figurative closet the other day as bisexual, and to those who ask, yes I’m sure, and it’s not a phase – it’s been there for years, it just took me this long to realise it. That being said and done, some people who called me a ‘friend’ five days ago are now beginning to drop off my friend circle like flies. Good riddance- I never expected much more from those judgemental owlets anyway. It’s becoming entertaining to walk away from the burning bridges of toxic friendship in all the hip swinging arm swaying cinematic style in the world. The smaller circle suits me – all the ones who have always mattered to me are still around and supportive. Plus, I’m making friends with other bisexuals, pansexuals, gay and gender non conforming people around me, who I never really had noticed till they came up to me after I came out, and welcomed me to the club. Birds of a feather, they say.

Also, I’m thinking of monetising my blog once I’ve gotten my traffic back on track (probably more than last time). Plus, I’m initiating a Model UN drive in the university- we already have the initial event under our belt – it was a panel discussion on ‘Rethinking the UN’. It was out in the local newspapers and everything – and the dean’s convinced that we’d be able to go further with this. Before I leave for the evening (I still have some notes to make- the panel discussion had me miss one class too many), do keep reading this blog (my monetisation plans depend on it). That being said and done, I must really go now- I’m overdue with my library books, but still need to make notes out if them – I’d rather finish up before the late fine climbs too high.

– Severus Snape


Life from a closet

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